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Building School-Wide Helping Communities

Our rapidly changing world now requires educators to be well-trained and willing to intervene to help teenage students successfully navigate through the risky world they live in. Schools and educators are ideally situated to intervene because students are in schools much of their lives. No other institution offers such a wonderful opportunity to redirect teens in trouble before failure occurs. Given this reality, my books, workshops, and training sessions offer educators clear pathways on how they can shift their emphasis from focusing solely on academics to include training teachers as helpers and advisors, restructuring counseling and health services with a great emphasis on student health and well-being, and utilizing the helping resources of students and parents to help form a school-wide helping community, a community in which each member of the school plays an important and vital helping role, a community in which the slogan is,
"We act, we care, we don’t look the other way when we see a student, parent, or educator headed for trouble and failure."

Bill Fibkins

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